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A History of St. Margarets, St. Canices and Finglas

By Peter Sexton.
This publication has only just come to hand even though it was first published in 2001. The author although Cork born became an active member of St. Margarets parish when he moved to Dublin after the second World war.
He describes in great detail the history of the parishes from the earliest church built in the 18th. century through to the year 2000.
It is not of great genealogical value as individuals do not feature strongly but there are local families mentioned through the narrative. There is included a small number of group photographs taken from different eras such as school pictures taken in 1937, 1940 and an ICA group taken in 1948. These have lists of names included as captions. It may have a limited interest to non parishioners but it will be a source to researchers of the area of north Co. Dublin covering St. Margarets, Naul and north Finglas.

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Published by Irish Roots Media Ltd., Blackrock, Blessington, Co. Wicklow. The Society recently received the second edition of this publication produced by Irish Roots Media

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