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Introduction to Family History

by Stuart A. Raymond
Published by The Federation of Family History Societies.
Family history has become much easier to research in the last few years. Some of the most important sources are now available at the click of a mouse on the internet. However, a basic understanding of these sources is still needed if you are to trace your family tree.
This 146 page A5 book has the detailed information to set you up ready to plunge into the fascinating world of research of family history. Although it is written with British researchers in mind the basic principles apply to all.
The author breaks down the task by chapter from the first steps under headings such as “where to go, who to ask, and what to read”. He then leads on to “The major sources”. Under “Other Kingdoms and Dependencies” he includes Ireland, on only two pages he manages to display lists of repositories, web-sites and relevant reading material. Very basic.
The panels containing the above headings in each chapter are coloured in Yellow for web-sites, Green for addresses and blue for reading material. This makes for quick reference.
Facsimiles are used throughout also to illustrate various data originals such as: Census forms, Birth, Marriage, Death certificates, Directories and Newspapers.
If you are a regular reader of our review section I am preaching to the converted and you should be well past this stage. However you may know someone about to embark on a journey of family discovery and if you do then maybe you should recommend this book to them.
The book retails at Stg.£8.95

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