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Newly Digitised Material Added To New Irish Labour History Website
The newly re-designed Irish Labour History Society website,, includes a number of newly digitised items that will be of interest to local historians and local history groups across the island.
1. Annual Reports of the Irish Transport & General Workers Union
Firstly, the newly digitised Annual Reports of the Irish Transport and General Workers Union for the 1918-1930 period include a plethora of useful information on the labour movement and of Irish workers for the revolutionary decade period and throughout the 1920s. The collection is accompanied by background material on their contents and use for historical research by historian Francis Devine. See Irish Transport & General Workers Union – Irish Labour History Society
2. Irish Citizen Army Minute Book
The Irish Citizen Army Minute Book for the 1919-1920 period is now available online on the Irish Labour History Society website and also on the Digital Repository of Ireland website here: Minutes of meetings of the Council of the Irish Citizen Army at Liberty Hall, Dublin from 3rd February 1919 to 15 September 1920. – Digital Repository of Ireland (
3. Irish Trade Union Congress & Labour Party Minute Book for 1917-21
This is now available online, covering a seminal period in the development of the labour movement in Ireland, on the Society website here: Irish Trade Union Congress & Labour Party – Irish Labour History Society
4. 1922 Postal Strike Material
Material relating to the 1922 Postal Strike has been added to the Society website also, including handbills. 
Further content has been digitised and will be added over time.
The Society would like to acknowledge the assistance of the Heritage Council and Dublin City Libraries & Archive Service in making this material available online. 

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