Irish Family History Society

Connecting People With Their Irish Roots

Irish Family History Journal, Vol. 1 (1985)

  • Draft Constitution of the Irish Family History Society
  • Reports by County on Research Activities in Ireland
  • Irish Family History Society News
  • The Clare Heritage Centre – N O Cleirigh
  • Irish Parish Register Indexing Projects – Michael Byrne
  • Family History Research Notes
  • From King’s County to Queensland – John Kearney
  • Irish Emigrants to South Australia  1850 – 1882 – Mavis Ahearn
  • Some Tombstone Inscriptions of Irish Interest in Massachusetts,  USA – Frank J Kelly
  • Marriages of Irish Interest in Liverpool, England –  Eileen Crook
  • Some Headstone Inscriptions of Irish Interest in New South Wales, Australia
  • King’s County (County Offaly) Subscribers to the Crimean War ‘Patriotic Fund’
  • Interests List
  • Library Accessions  1984-1985
  • Book Notices
  • Irish Family History Society Membership List

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